Judge Tena Campbell – Motion to Suppress denied


Case No. 2:06 CR 37

2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 61447

August 28, 2006 

Judge Tena Campbell

Defendant Amber Young requested suppression of evidence discovered on her person during a search conducted by a police officer. The officer stopped Ms. Young’s vehicle and conducted the search under the authority of a search warrant. Ms. Young argued that the warrant in question only authorized a search of her person if she happened to be present at her apartment that was also subject to the search warrant.

The Court held that: (1) The warrant on its face, authorized a search of Ms. Young’s person, separate and apart from a search of her apartment; and (2) the officer undertook the search of Ms. Young in the good-faith belief that the warrant authorized the search.

Motion to suppress denied.

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