Judge Tena Campbell – Sentencing

Moral of the story: Don’t try to change your grades by hacking into your professor’s computer.

On January 4, 2007, Judge Tena Campbell sentenced former University of Utah student You Li to four months of incarceration after Li pleaded guilty to to one count each of accessing a protected computer in attempted furtherance of fraud and obtaining information from a protected computer.

At the time of the offense (December 2004), You Li was a student at the University of Utah majoring in computer science.  Li admitted to the Judge that he used software to decrypt the password on a computer owned by the University.  Li then found a spreadsheet on the hacked computer which contained the grades of all assignments in one of his classes.

“So, in an attempt to improve the grade I would receive in the professor’s class, I changed more than one of my grades in that spreadsheet to better grades, including changing at least one grade from failing to passing,” Li wrote in a statement to the Court.

The prosecution requested a year of prison. Due to Li’s “obvious remorse” and prior good record, the Judge sentenced Li to just four months incarceration.


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