Lawsuit against Salt Lake City Police Dept., Salt Lake City police officer, Gold’s Gym, et al – Judge Ted Stewart

A Utah man (named Agim Fetahu) has filed a lawsuit against Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake City Police Department, Marcus Barrett (Salt Lake City police officer), West Valley Fitness Group (who operates Gold’s Gym in West Valley), and two other individuals for an altercation at a West Valley Gold’s Gym following a heated basketball game.

Plaintiff claims that when he tried to leave the gym area, Barrett blocked his exit with his police car. The suit also states: “Barrett pointed a shotgun belonging to the Salt Lake City Police Department at [plaintiff].”

A 911 call made by plaintiff, asking for other officers, records Barrett shouting profanities at the Plaintiff while Barrett and two friends tried to get at Plaintiff through Plaintiff’s car.

The plaintiff’s¬†Complaint seeks “a reasonable sum not less than four million dollars.” The case has been assigned to Judge Ted Stewart.,1249,650222602,00.html

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One Comment on “Lawsuit against Salt Lake City Police Dept., Salt Lake City police officer, Gold’s Gym, et al – Judge Ted Stewart”

  1. edwinjones Says:

    I have evidence in the form of government documents that show :

    Police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct in violating constitutional and civil rights are
    coordinated between local, state, and federal agencies in criminal as well as civil proceedings.
    Arrest and detention without probable cause, unconstitutional and repeated searches. Jailed on
    charges procerred by perjured testimony…..testimony collectively known to be false prior to arrest.
    Jailed 5 months based on discovery NONE OF WHICH WAS IN AFFIDAVIT FORM. I have proof of
    my pro se Federal Appellate and US Supreme Court filings but the clerks’ offices did not file those
    cases yet mailed bogus decisions to me. In complete isolation, who could I complain to?
    Even if those cases were properly adjudicated, there was blatent abuse of discretion by judges.
    Years of certified mailings to Presidents and Department of Justice produced no investigations.
    Letters signed by Richard Lugar and Dan Coats cannot be trusted as authentic. Steven Hatfills’
    experience with the government was a picnic compared to what they are doing to me.

    And, as a result of the aforementioned violations, a totality of circumstances show malicious
    and vindictive intervention into every aspect of my life. The goverment has relentlessly manipulated
    my life socially, physically and mentally in a manner similar to Steven Hatfill ( anthrax investigation )
    only worse and over a longer period of time. The government has destroyed my relationships
    between family and friends, and has prevented the media from publicizing their wrongs. The
    government has even stolen and manipulated my certified mailings. I have been reduced to the
    slave status of my African ancesters by this government. This government was even controlling
    my criminal defense lawyer! He knew I was being falsely accused but did nothing but quit being my
    lawyer when I questioned, among other things, why the Affidavit for Probable Cause was signed
    by a prosecutor, Carol Orbison…..why there was no Judicial Officers’ signature, and was not in
    affidavit form! He KNEW the State was wrong.

    In the following cases you will find the very worst official corruption.
    State of Indiana v. Edwin L. Jones,Case No. 49 G069001CF007921, Edwin L. Jones v. Indianapolis
    Police Department et al, US District Court Southern District of Indiana Cause No. Misc 90-134 IP,
    Edwin L. Jones v. Indianapolis Police al Cause No. 91-1594, 7th Circuit Federal Appleate Court
    of Appeals, Edwin L. Jones v. Indianapolis Police Dept et al, Cause No. 91-7923 , US Supreme Court,
    Request for Investigation filed with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission filed 9-18-92,
    against Ali Talib.

    I am looking for honest, bold representation to take on the goverment. I want compensation and them
    out of my life.

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